Sunday, July 15, 2007


Waves lap at the lakeshore, cool breeze flutters the lush green leaves gently hanging relaxed from the healthy large-trunked tree that provides shade for the light large rocks of the lakeshore.

Through lush green branches and curvy tree trunks shines sky and the great nothing. Connection quiets mind, as the lapping waves encourage being.

The leaves of the immense tree on the oppossing lakeshore glisten with sparkling sunbeams.

Puffy clouds wisp along in the light blue sky in approach with the light blue water. Cool blue and lit green fill the air that isn't just the nothing.

The breeze cools my forehead, and birds waddle in front of the long grass blades. In a single file, the black birds flutter from rock to rock with grace.

The waves intensify and fill my purview. I try to clear my mind. I focus on nothing. I focus on breathing.

It's not working! I can't clear my mind!


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